Cranberry contains a great amount of vitamin C, that is why it is called the northern lemon. For citizens of northern regions cranberry is the best remedy for scurvy and avitaminosis. These berries have a sourish flavor which is explained by presence of ascorbic, citric, aceric, benzoic, kinic, and ursolic acids. Cranberries have coloring and pectin substances, vitamins of B group, vitamin PP (vitamin C cannot be soaked without it), potassium, phosphorus, boracium, magnesium, manganese, silver, nicotinic acid, iodine and iron. Iron is easily soakes, so cranberries are recommended for pregnant women having iron deficiency anemia for haemoglobin normalization.  

Cranberry is called the berry of youth thanks to high content of flavonoids and antioxidants preventing ageing. Pectins help to remove radionuclides, endotoxins and salts of heavy metals. It has a general strengthening effect for a human organism, so it is acknowledged as one of the best immunomodulatory drug. Cranberry infusions are rich in substances preventing growth of collibacillus, aurococcus and even anthrax.  

Cranberries contain vitamins and acids which are good for the hormone system.  Cranberries can prevent aseptic inflammation (not associated with germs) or treat it.

Besides cranberry has a low content of sugars, which is vital for people suffering from diabetes. These berries are recommended for potentiation of antibiotic drugs; they have anti-fever, refreshing and antiscorbutic effect. Cranberries, as well as cowberries, contain enzymes good for the gastrointestinal tract: they raise appetite, improve digestion, provoke output of gastric juice and normalize work of the pancreas. This is a natural antiseptic; ointments with cranberry extract combat various skin diseases. Cranberry juice has antibacterial properties, so this drink is recommended for infectious disease, problems with kidneys and urinoexcretory tract. Wounds and skin burns treated with fresh cranberry juice are healed very quickly. 

Cranberries are used in folk medicine for blood pressure reduction, treatment of rheumatic diseases, prophylactics of concrements in kidneys. They are very good for the cardiovascular system. Fresh cranberries and fresh cranberry juice normalize cholesterin level and prevent thrombosis. Ursolic acid contained in cranberries is good for blood vessels.  

Cranberry is a good remedy for gingivitis and parodontosis. If you regularly eat cranberries you will never have caries. Besides, cranberry is good for capillary vessels and prevents formation of capillary nevus on the skin. Cranberry juice is an excellent tonic drink, better than chemical energy drinks. Cranberry can be recommended in case of angiospasm, atherosclerosis and even tuberculosis. Recently scientists proved that cranberry has a neurometabolitic effect. Enjoy cranberries and be healthy!